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Phyramid is a holistic digital agency, versed in both programming and design. We build our products with passion, and can help build yours too.




our team

Vlad-Stefan Harbuz

Cofounder & Developer
aboutVlad is an aspiring renaissance man currently studying Computer Science at The University of Manchester. He loves making things, usually by writing software and music, strongly influenced by his interest in art and philosophy. Vlad's current interests include human-computer interaction and game design.

Petru-Sebastian Toader

Cofounder & Developer
aboutPetru studies Finance and Business Management. While his focus is on developing robust, visually impressive platforms, he has a background in developing and running businesses, starting his first venture at the age of 14.

Max Diamandopol

aboutMax is currently studying Artificial Intelligence at The University of Manchester. His basketball background along with being involved in airsoft and other team activities reflect his great interpersonal skills. Too bad he can't grow a proper beard.

Ozana Lisandra

Operations Manager
aboutOzana Lisandra is passionate about Human Resources, focusing especially on Recruitment, Talent Development and Management. She is particularly experienced in delivering trainings and individual coaching. She has an extensive background in volunteering.






We work from:

18 I.C. Visarion, Sector 1

Bucharest, Romania


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+40 (21) 313 13 88


We work from:

City Road East

Deansgate, M15

Manchester, UK

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+44 (7597) 298 842